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Horizon Realty Group Broker FAQ


Does Horizon co-op with realtors?

Yes, the commission is 100% of one month's BASE rent. Realtors MUST be present for the showing, or no commission is paid.


Are Brokers able to post and market Horizon properties?

You are more than welcome to post and market Horizon properties anywhere except They will pull your ads down. You are always welcome to take photos of any buildings and use them in your advertisement. Feel free to use any marketing material that’s in our Broker Drive. The only requirement is you post a small disclosure stating the advertisement is posted by your agency and not Horizon.


Can Brokers show properties on weekends?

Brokers can show properties on weekends if they have made arrangements to do so with the Property Managers. Many of the Property Managers will be working Saturdays during the busy season. Sundays are easiest for showings where there are doormen who can help with access.


Where can I find which properties have which amenities?

On each property website, it will list if they have amenities listed under Amenities > Apartment Amenities.


What is the touring protocol?

  • Occupied units: email Property Managers 48 hours prior.
  • Vacant units: email Property Managers at your earliest convenience, and we will do our best to accommodate shorter notice viewings.
  • Property Manager contact information may be found on the Master Listing Sheet.

Where can contact information be found?

Phone numbers with extensions and emails can be found for each location on the Master Lister on the Broker Drive: These will be updated as new Property Managers come in and out, so you always have current information.


Does Horizon hold units?

The only thing that "holds" a unit is once an app is received on it and the fees are paid. And at that point, if the app gets to 10 days without an applicant giving all required documents, it goes to the waitlist and the unit is available again.


What should a prospect do if they want to apply?

If a client wants to apply, they need to go to the property website, go to the Floor Plans tab and select and apply for the unit they wish. At the end of this process, they will pay the application fee to hold the unit.


How and when are broker commissions paid out?

All cooperating Brokers that work with Horizon Realty Group will be responsible for following the requirements regarding the submission of invoices for commissions to be paid on procured rentals.


  1. Cooperating Brokers are required annually to submit a completed W9 document for their brokerage to HRG’s Corporate Accounting offices by submitting it electronically to
  2. All invoices are to be submitted to Horizon’s Corporate Accounting Department no later than 10 days after their client’s move-in date. Invoices are to be emailed to
  3. If a Broker submits an invoice 45+ days after the resident moves in, HRG may deduct 15% from the commission. Any invoice submitted 90 days or more after move-in may be forfeited.
  4. All Broker Commissions are to be paid based on the Base Rent only. HRG does not pay commissions on additional fees that are part of the lease agreement (i.e. MSF, Parking, Pet Rent, etc).
  5. Commissions will be paid by Horizon’s Corporate Accounting Department 30 days after the Resident(s) has signed their lease agreement and taken possession of such a unit.
  6. The submitted invoice must indicate the following information:
    1. Name of Brokerage and license number
    2. Contact information for Brokerage (i.e. phone number & email address)
    3. Payment remittance address of Brokerage
    4. Name of agent
    5. Name of resident(s)
    6. Location of resident(s) rental, including building address and apartment number
    7. Lease term or date of move-in
    8. Monthly base rent
    9. Amount of commission to be paid
    10. Any applicable agent bonus to be issued